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Master Rubio

Master Gus Rubio started his KungFu journey in the 70’s studying with late Master Bak Hay Chin (AKA: Antonio or Kenny), who first brought the authentic traditional Northern Shaolin (Bei Shaolin/Bak Sil Lam) Kung Fu Style to Florida in the 70’s and later the Hua Shan Pai Taoist Qi Gong. Master Bak Hay Chin was the first student of the internationally famous Grandmaster Chan Kwok Wai in Brazil, studying with him for a decade before moving to the USA. Master Chin legacy lives on, as Master Gus Rubio became his sole Northern Shaolin student to give continuity to his work in Miami, FL.

Master Gus Rubio is also the sole disciple of Dr. George Ling Salis. Dr. Salis is the 26th generation and inheritor of Emperors Sungs Long Fist/Tai Shan Men/Great Sage (Monkey Style) Master Gus Rubio also studied Wu style Tai Chi Chuan with Master Chow Chin.

During the 90’s Master Gus Rubio met Master Roberto Baptista (another Grandmaster Chan Kwok Wai’s disciple), concluded his Northern Shaolin Style core studies and was invited to go to Brazil to meet Grandmaster Chan Kwok Wai. Thereafter, Master Gus Rubio was also invited to participate in a special seminar that was being held for his senior students.

In the 2010’s Master Rubio joined many others Grandmaster’s Chan Kowk Wai students in a special trip to the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Shaolin KungFu) and the Wudang Temple (birthplace of Tai Chi) in China.

From 1979 through 1990, Master Gus Rubio competed in major tournaments securing over many victories. Some awards include:

  • 1979 & 1982 United States East Coast Open Championship 1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division
  • 1979 Miami International Open 1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division
  • 1982 Tampa Bay Open 1st place Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division
  • 1983 United States Open 1st place Kung Fu Weapons Division
  • 1989 Sunshine Gold Cup Classic 1st place Kung Fu Black Belt Division

In the 80’s Master Rubio founded KUNGFU CONNECTION, a martial arts school of excellence devoted to preserve and teach the authentic traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

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