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  • KungFu and Humility

    KungFu and Humility

    Humility (Qian Xu) is achieved when pride is under control. An old Chinese proverb states: “Pride loses, humility earns”. KungFu wisdom teaches that we should always be looking for ways to better ourselves. That there is no limit to knowledge. No matter how deep you have reached, there is always a deeper level to be achieved. The Another old Chinese proverb teaches: “There is always a man beyond the man, there is sky above the sky.” Since this is so, how can anyone be proud of his own deeds? We all must remember that the taller the bamboo grows, the lower it bows. The master didn’t reply. Instead, he picked up a teacup and placed it in front of the ....

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  • KungFu and Respect

    KungFu and Respect

    Traditional KungFuis all about respect. Fighting skills like punching, kicking, throwing and locking are important but the Wude(Martial Ethics) is of utmost importance. One of the core values of Wude is respect. It is shown from the moment you walk into the training hall tothe end of the class. Children learn to bow to theirclassmates, to the past masters who came before them, and to their current masters. They learn to treat other as they wish to be treated. Quality martial arts instruction will press upon the respect issue regularly and instruct students to practice respect for self, parents, teachers and classmates at every opportunity in their lives. ....

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  • August 11 - World Wushu-KungFu Day

    August 11 - World Wushu-KungFu Day

    The IWUF (International Wushu Federation) passed a resolution to launch the first World Wushu-KungFu Day in 2018. As a leader in the global Wushu-KungFu movement, IWUF is committed to developing Wushu-KungFu as an Olympic event globally shared with a healthy lifestyle. Wushu-KungFu advocates the concepts of peace, harmony, friendship, health, and morality. The establishment of World Wushu-KungFu Day aims to call people from all over the world to get close to Wushu-KungFu, learning about it’s vast and rich contemporary and traditional content while falling in love with Chinese Martial Arts. Therefore, integrating the spirit and ideas of martial arts into people's daily lives. ....

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  • Struggling with Depression? TaiChi can help!

    Struggling with Depression? TaiChi can help!

    Strugglingwith Depression? TaiChi can help!

    Reserch has shown that regular TaiChi practice can promotesignificant improvements in depression symptoms. Live better with TaiChi! Want to know more? Contact us now! ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts Martial Arts in Coral Springs!

    Kids Martial Arts Martial Arts in Coral Springs!

    Check out our new website for KungFu Connection!
    We proudly serve the Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate, andCoconut Creek areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Our Kids Martial Arts program (KungFu Kids) will give your children focus, confidence, and determination to face everyday challenges. We also offer traditional Adult Martial Arts (Shaolin KungFu), TaiChi and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Yelp ....

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  • Grand Master Chen Guo Wei

    Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai / Chén Guówei was born on April 3, 1936, at Toisaan in the province of Canton, China. He started learning Choileifat KungFu at age 4 with late Master Chan Cheok Sing. In 1949 his family moved to Hong Kong where he became a student of very famous KungFu Masters as Ma Kim Fong / Ma Jian Feng, Yim Sheung Mo/ Yan ShangWu, Won Hong Fan, Ching Jim Man, Yim You Chin and Fu Wingfai. In 1960 he immigrated to Brazil and introduced traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, becoming the father of Authentic Traditional KungFu in Brazil. Immediately upon arrival he started teaching KungFu at The Sao Paulo Chinese Social Center and in 1973 he founded the China-Brazil Kung ....

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  • Grand Master Yan Shang Wu

    Grand Master Yan Shang Wu (1882-1971) was born in Linxi, Guangxi province, China. Yan ShangWu began his martial arts career studing the Hongjia style. After meeting Grand Master Gù Ruzhang and seeing his superior skills he pleaded to became his disciple and never practiced Hongjia again. Devoting his life to learn everything Grand Master Gù Ruzhang knew. Grand Master Yan ShangWu also learned Bei Shaolin Style from Grand Master Bai Zhixiang, a classmate and travel companion of Grand Master Gù Ruzhang. Due to his constantly practicing the forms and techniques, Grand Master Yan ShangWu became one of the main inheritors of the Bei Shaolin Style. He kept all he learned ....

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  • Grand Master Ma Jian Feng

    Grand Master Ma Jian Feng (Ma Kin Fung) was born in Toi San, Guangdong, the son of a merchant who conducted business affairs in Canada. From an early age, Ma Kin Fung was keen to learn Chinese martial arts. His dream became reality while he was a high student in Guangzhou, when he befriended a classmate whose father was the famous KungFu Master Wong Tak Hing. Upon noticing Ma Kin Fung’s eagerness to learn, Master Wong was happy to make him his student and teach him everything he knew about Chinese martial arts. From the beginning of his training, Ma Kin Fung studied and practiced rigorously both day and night in order to learn all of the internal and external martial art forms. ....

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