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Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

My husband has Parkinson's disease and I searched for the number one exercise that would slow the process down. I found that TaiChi is on the top of the list. In Coral Springs - FL we were very lucky to find Sifu Roberto at KungFu Connection. He has been extremely patient with my husband. We have seen a great improvement in his balance, walk and centering. Sifu Roberto not only worked with my... Read More

TaiChi For Parkinson's Disease

Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

"Having worked in Arthritis and Rheumatology for over 25 years, TaiChi is a wonderful, gentle and proven healthy modality for your joints, muscles and bone density without the stress of joining a gym. Sifu Roberto has a long history of experience and practices which enable all ages to participate and enjoy this meditative art form. I found a new home here after many years of practice elsewhere.... Read More

Barbi Tupper Recommends KungFu Connection

Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

"So grateful to have found this school! Sifu Roberto is an excellent teacher and comes from a very well known and respected lineage in martial arts! As a Licensed Acupuncturist and TaiChi practitioner I truly recommend KungFu Connection! Whether you wish to learn KungFu, TaiChi or both, this is the place to be!" (Margarida Bauch) ... Read More

Margarida Bauch Recommends KungFu Connection

Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

Kids Martial Arts

Give your child the best combination of mental, physical, and emotional growth in our Kids Martial Arts Classes. We're proud to work with students all across Coral Springs, offering the best KungFu training around!

Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

Adult Martial Arts

Take on a total-body challenge today with our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Coral Springs. We're proud to help you stay active and engaged with traditional KungFu training in the Northern Shaolin Style. Get started today!

Kids Martial Arts Coral Springs

Tai Chi

Build your strength and total-body health with the slow and harmonic movements of Tai Chi. Our classes in Coral Springs can help people of all experience levels thrive in no time. Learn more or get started today!

Kids Martial Arts  near Coral Springs

Change For A Better Reality

At KungFu Connection we are proud of our Chinese martial arts lineage that spans over 1,500 years and includes a wide range of knowledge of authentic traditional Chinese martial arts. We are committed to teaching our students the correct and traditional way to learn and embrace the disciplined practice of traditional Chinese Martial arts like KungFu, Tai Chi, Qigong, and more! We guarantee that the Chinese Martial Arts we teach is the original form as transmitted through our lineage from past masters to us. From basic level kids classes to beginner and advanced adult training, we truly have something for everyone. Join us in Coral Springs today by simply filling out the short form on your screen now!

Kids Martial Arts  near Coral Springs
KungFu Connection

Why Is KungFu Right For You?

This Traditional Training System Can Impact Every Aspect Of Your Life

Confidence & Self-Esteem in Coral Springs - KungFu Connection

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Our system of training establishes a clear path to success for everyone in our gym. We work hard to equip you with the skills and the knowledge to move forward and we celebrate your accomplishments with each and every stop.

Discipline & Self-Control in Coral Springs - KungFu Connection

Discipline & Self-Control

The backbone of KungFu training is mental discipline and the ability to focus on every single detail of movement. With our training, you'll carry into your daily life a newfound mental clarity and the chance to be successful in everything you do.

Self-Defense in Coral Springs - KungFu Connection


The KungFu Connection teaches self-defense as a last resort used only in extreme situations. But with the help of our traditional training, every student in our facility will be ready and able to protect their loved ones from any threat.

New Friends & Mentors in Coral Springs - KungFu Connection

New Friends & Mentors

We are truly a team here that works together toward one goal. Whether you're a complete beginner or an established Black Belt, you'll feel confident and comfortable from day one. We're here to help you find success one day at a time.

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