Grand Master Ma Jian Feng

Grand Master Ma Jian Feng (Ma Kin Fung) was born in Toi San, Guangdong, the son of a merchant who conducted business affairs in Canada.

From an early age, Ma Kin Fung was keen to learn Chinese martial arts. His dream became reality while he was a high student in Guangzhou, when he befriended a classmate whose father was the famous Kung Fu Master Wong Tak Hing. Upon noticing Ma Kin Fung’s eagerness to learn, Master Wong was happy to make him his student and teach him everything he knew about Chinese martial arts.

From the beginning of his training, Ma Kin Fung studied and practiced rigorously both day and night in order to learn all of the internal and external martial art forms. He became skilled in many of the famous techniques, including Shaolin Law Hon Fist and various traditional weapons.

Years later, during the Sino Japanese War, Master Ma joined the army, Due to the chaotic period of time, he eventually lost contact with Master Wong.

In recollection, Master Ma would always sigh, feeling really quite badly that he never saw his Sifu (martial arts master) again, due to the circumstances of his life at that turbulent time in history.

In order to benefit from other teaching styles, Master Ma later learned from two other famous masters of Northern style martial arts: Gu Ruzhang (Ku Yu Cheong / Koo Yue Cheung) and Suen Yuk Fung. Returning home in 1936, he discovered that Japan had invaded China.

Consequently, Master Ma decided that it was his duty to use his martial arts skills to help his country. He promoted martial arts by establishing training centers. As a result the awareness of the Northern martial arts styles increased dramatically in Southern China.

In 1941, Master Ma Kin Fung was appointed the martial arts trainer for the Toi San Police Station. Two years later he became the military martial arts trainer. After World War II, he returned to Guangzhou and established Long Chong Fist Kung Fu Club before going to Hong Kong to become the trainer for the Hak Keung Gymnasium, and the martial arts coach of Ling Dong Secondary school.

Most importantly, Master Ma was very enthusiastic to promote martial arts. He grew to be very well known in Southern China and in the martial arts community in general for more then twenty years. His dedication to endorse the Northern style in particular gained him many good students in China and overseas.

Master Ma Kin Fung took pleasure in sharing with his students stories about the past, culture and politics; and discussing current affairs, world issues, and of course martial arts. He spoke not only about fighting, but also about the virtues of studying martial arts and its moral dimension. His advice to students was meant to enlighten them to realize the virtues of what being a good martial artist meant and how to develop their own good qualities as individuals.

Grand Master Ma Jian Feng had many students. Among his student were Chan Kwok Wai and Wong Jackman.

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