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Traditional Chinese schools of Martial Arts approach the study of martial arts as not just a means of self-defense, nor mental training, but also as a system of morality and ethics.

Wǔdé (武 德) can be translated as “martial morality” and is constructed from the words “wǔ” (武), which means martial, and “dé” (德), which means morality.

At Kung Fu Connection, we share and teach to our students the same values that have been handed down throughout the generations of great Kung Fu Masters.

By doing so, we believe we are contributing to be building of a better world.

Bei Shaolin Wude (北少林門拳武 德)

As taught by Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai

The ethics code of Northern Shaolin (Bei Shaolin in Mandarin Chinese or Bak Siu Lahm in Cantonese), albeit of a non-religious nature, promotes common values that transcend cultures and races because they are worthy and desirable. In Kung Fu practice, these rules aim to help the practitioner achieve the best results in all aspects of his life.

The practitioner’s relationship to these rules must be of a strictly moral character. No one will ever be forced to submit to them. Submission is accepted when it is believed that it can be of great help in personal development.

If the rules are continually disregarded, after several warnings, the person may be asked to leave the training, not as punishment, but just because the training is not suitable.

The text below is a mere formalization of what has been passed on, from generation to generation, in a verbal way and, most importantly, through the living example of those who have already walked this path this.

The Practitioner:

  • Must respect and honor life, tradition and Wude, being loyal to yourself and others.
  • Must respect and honor teachers (present and past), parents and elders, protect the younger and treat their peers as brothers and sisters.
  • Must be wise and courageous, defending righteousness and truth being responsible for his actions.
  • Will not be unscrupulous, will not hurt, will not do evil, will not steal or deceive.
  • Will not associate with people of bad character and wickedness.
  • Will not abuse power, be it official or physical; Neither will he/she/etc. oppress the good, nor will they mistreat the good.
  • Must be humble and train patiently and diligently, keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy by persevering and seeking to outdo yourself each day.
  • Must be humane, acting with love and compassion, bringing peace and happiness to all through their example.
  • Must be educated and generous, nurturing and developing talents and passing tradition on to those who deserve it in order to preserve it for future generations.
  • Must cultivate gratitude and live according to the laws of the heavens and men.
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