About Master Baptista

Sifu Roberto Baptista | Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
  • Began his Martial Arts studies at age 8, studying Judo in Sao Paulo – Brazil, under Sensei Ono (1972);
  • Began his Northern Shaolin KungFu studies in 1980;
  • Achieved Instructor Level of Northern Shaolin KungFu (Sino- Brazilian KungFu Academy);
  • Achieved Master Level in Yang Taijiquan (Sino-Brazilian KungFu Academy – Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai);
  • Achieved Master Level in Northern Shaolin KungFu (Sino-Brazilian KungFu Academy – Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai);
  • Achieved Black Belt Level in Baojing Shuaijiao (American Combat Shuaichiao Association –Grand Master John Wang);
  • Achieved Liangong Instructor level;
  • Introduces Northern Shaolin KungFu in the Brazilian Amazon State;
  • Co-Founder of the Amazon KungFu Federation;
  • Technical Director of the Amazon State KungFu Federation;
  • Became a Certified KungFu-Wushu Judge (Modern/Traditional and Internal Styles);
  • Head Technical Director of CBKW – Brazil KungFu Federation (2005-2009);
  • Became a Certified International Coach by the IWUF – International Wushu Federation,Beijing, China (1999/2000);
  • Brazil Team Leader during the World Wushu Championships (Baltimore/USA – 2000);
  • Organized the third Pan-American Wushu Championships (2000);
  • Nominated Member of the Technical Committee of IWUF – International Federation –Beijing, China (2000-2002);
  • Nominated to the International HALL OF FAME of USAWKF (USA Wushu KungFu Federation);
  • Taught courses and seminars about Chinese Martial Arts in Brazilian Universities;
  • Studied Traditional Chen Taijiquan in China (Laojia – linhegem de Chen Zheng Lei)(China 2002-2004);
  • Studied contemporary Wushu Shaolin in Shaolin School (Dengfeng-China / 2002-2004);
  • Advanced Northern Shaolin Studies under Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai (April/2005 –February/2017)
  • Received a Citation of Government due to its contributions to the development of KungFu;
  • Author of articles in US magazines; cited in KungFu-Wushu/Shuaijiao books and articles;Studied;
  • Taught special seminars about Traditional KungFu in Brazil and in the USA;
  • Invited by Master Gus Rubio’s KungFu Connection, and moves to the USA in 2017 to be KungFu Connection Program Director and opens a new branch school in Coral Springs, FL;
  • Served as National Judge during the 2017 USA Nationals (Lubbock, TX);
  • Served as Vice-Chairman of the USAWKF selecting the US team to compete in the 2017 Traditional KungFu World Championship held on November 2017;
  • Served as National Judge during the 2018 USA Nationals (Lubbock, TX); And served as Vice-Chairman of the USAWKF to select the US team to compete in the 2018 Juniors World Wushu Championship held on July 2018 (Brazil).
  • Appointed as Vice Chairman of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Committee of USAWKF – January 2019
  • Served as Jury of Appeals during the 3rd Pan American Kungfu & Taijiquan Championships – July 2019
  • Currently teaches Authentic Traditional Chinese Martial Arts at KungFu Connection in Coral Springs, FL.
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