Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai / Chén Guówěi was born on April 3, 1936, at Toisaan in the province of Canton, China. He started learning Choileifat KungFu at age 4 with late Master Chan Cheok Sing. In 1949 his family moved to Hong Kong where he became a student of very famous KungFu Masters as Ma Kim Fong / Ma Jian Feng, Yim Sheung Mo/ Yan ShangWu, Won Hong Fan, Ching Jim Man, Yim You Chin and Fu Wingfai.

In 1960 he immigrated to Brazil and introduced traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, becoming the father of Authentic Traditional KungFu in Brazil. Immediately upon arrival he started teaching KungFu at The Sao Paulo Chinese Social Center and in 1973 he founded the China-Brazil Kung Fu Academy (Academia Sino-Brasileira de Kung Fu) where most of his disciples were trained. His disciples have spread to most Brazilian states and internationally, as far as the USA, Canada, Spain, Argentina and the Czech Republic.

In September 2004, Chan was awarded the 10th degree of the World Organization of Wu Shu & Kung Fu Masters from Vancouver, BC, Canada, in five styles: Northern Shaolin, Yang Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi and Hungsing Choileifat. The late Master Bak Hay Chin (Master Rubio’s 1st teacher), Master Medeiros and Master Baptista from KungFu Connection are direct disciples of Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai / Chén Guówěi.

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