August 11 - World Wushu-KungFu Day

The IWUF (International Wushu Federation) passed a resolution to launch the first World Wushu-KungFu Day in 2018.  As a leader in the global Wushu-KungFu movement, IWUF is committed to developing Wushu-KungFu as an Olympic event globally shared with a healthy lifestyle. Wushu-KungFu advocates the concepts of peace, harmony, friendship, health, and morality. The establishment of World Wushu-KungFu Day aims to call people from all over the world to get close to Wushu-KungFu, learning about it’s vast and rich contemporary and traditional content while falling in love with Chinese Martial Arts. Therefore, integrating the spirit and ideas of martial arts into people's daily lives.

IWUF hopes that the annual World Wushu-KungFu Day can regularly share the beauty and richness of Chinese Martial Arts with people scattered all over the world!

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