Martial Arts Programs in Coral Springs, Florida

Kids Martial Arts

Give your child the best combination of mental, physical, and emotional growth in our Kids Martial Arts Classes. We’re proud to work with students all across Coral Springs, offering the best Kung Fu training around!

Adult Martial Arts

Take on a total-body challenge today with our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Coral Springs. We’re proud to help you stay active and engaged with traditional Kung Fu training in the style of Northern Shaolin. Get started today!
Learn Tai Chi in Coral Springs, Florida

Tai Chi

Build your strength and total-body health with the slow and harmonic movements of Tai Chi. Our classes in Coral Springs can help people of all experience levels thrive in no time. Learn more or get started today!


Blend the best aspects of body and mind today in Qi Gong Classes. We’re helping all of Coral Springs find success from day one with traditional training that can impact every aspect of your life. Learn more or get started now!


JKD or Jeet Kune Do, is the the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee himself.

The Chief instructor of this program trained directly under Sifu Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s partner and Protégée.


A Filipino martial art, Kali incorporates the use of weaponry to teach universal principles of motion.

Once the practitioner has a firm grasp of these principles, he or she can defend themselves with or without a weapon and will have the ability to pick up just about anything and use it to protect themselves.

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