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Better Your Mind, Body, And Soul

The Qi Gong program at Kung Fu Connection offers you the chance to connect with yourself like never before!

You see, we believe wholeheartedly in the blend of body, mind, and soul to achieve true success in any aspect of life.

This family of ancient Chinese arts can also be called Nei Gong (Nei Kung/Nei Gung) 內功, which means “Internal Skill” or Internal Work, as opposed to 外功 or Wai Gong, meaning “External Work” or External Skill.

Like Wikipedia says:

Nei Gong can refer to any of a set of Chinese breathing, meditation, and spiritual practice disciplines associated with Taoism and especially the Chinese martial arts.

Although this quote is apt, Nei Gong can not apply to just any style of Kung Fu or Chinese Martial Arts.

Typically, Nei Gong refers to the Internal Arts or Neijia 内家, like Tai Chi.

Morning Qi Gong practice | Qi Gong in Coral Springs, Florida

Our Qi Gong Training Can Impact Every Aspect Of Your Life

Our team understands the importance of self-defense and fitness training; our Kung Fu program offers both.

But with our Qi Gong training, we drop the focus on both and instead focus on YOU!

That’s right. Every class promotes self-empowerment and a clear mind-body connection.

Take our traditional Qi Gong program and enjoy everything from:

  • Stress relief and mental clarity
  • Powerful healing techniques
  • Anti-aging properties
Take The First Step Today!

Learn More About Our Qi Gong Classes In Coral Springs!

At Kung Fu Connection, we’re proud to offer the highest quality Qi Gong training in town!

Join us in Coral Springs today, and get a boost of mental clarity and everyday energy. We love to work with men and women of all backgrounds and abilities. So take a chance on yourself and give it a try.

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