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My husband has Parkinson's disease and I searched for the number one exercise that would slow the process down. I found that Tai Chi is on the top of the list.

In Coral Springs, we were very lucky to find Sifu Roberto at Kung Fu Connection. He has been extremely patient with my husband (and I). We've seen great improvement in his balance, walking and centering.

Sifu Roberto not only worked with my husband, but also with me, so that during the week we could work on his problem areas at home.

But let me tell you, improvement will not happen by weekly visits alone. You must do the homework that Sifu Roberto prescribes! Do that, though, and you can expect results.

I would strongly recommend Sifu Roberto at Kung Fu Connection to any Parkinson person to help stabilize their disease.

Dian Farrington
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

Having worked in Arthritis & Rheumatology for over 25 years, Tai Chi is a wonderful, gentle and proven healthy modality for your joints, muscles and bone density without the stress of joining a gym.

Sifu Roberto has a long history of experience and practices which enable all ages to participate and enjoy this meditative art form.

I found a new home here after many years of practice elsewhere.

Come and try it. You'll be glad you did!

Barbi Tupper | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Barbi Tupper
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

So grateful to have found this school!

Sifu Roberto is an excellent teacher and comes from a very well known and respected lineage in martial arts!

As a Licensed Acupuncturist and Tai Chi practitioner, I truly recommend Kung Fu Connection!

Whether you wish to learn Kung Fu, Tai Chi or both, this is the place to be!

Margarida Bauch | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Margarida Bauch
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I have trained in a few different martial art styles on and off over the years and have always gravitated towards Kung fu.

Kung fu, in my opinion, is the most complete martial art system I have found over the years.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found Sifu Roberto Baptista at Kung Fu Connection. In these days it is very difficult to find an authentic Traditional Kung fu School. However, with Sifu Roberto at Kung Fu Connection, you get a real traditional school with a Sifu that is a master at his art and is fully capable of easily transferring his 40 plus years of Kung Fu training to his students.

If you are in search of a real martial arts school with a family-centered environment where you can participate in rigorous training without feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, or stressed out, then Kung Fu Connection is for you!

Eddie Sama | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Eddie Sama
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

At the ripe old age of 50, my health began to fail a bit...

But then I met... Tai Chi!

I can not even begin to tell you how much I am thankful for the introduction to this ancient Chinese internal martial art.

Tai Chi helped me get into the action of healing my body.

Add to that the benefits of Kung Fu or the martial aspects and get a whole New Me!

It's helped my knees tremendously and dropping weight is now just an added plus. I love it!

Like they say - You gotta keep moving!

After all, You Only Have One Mind And One Body, Make it Strong and Keep It Strong For Life!

Richard Szambelan
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I like training at Kung Fu Connection, it's great to have a real master teaching traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

He is knowledgeable and nice and I am learning so much at the martial art school.

I like the traditional Chinese weapons they teach here.

Training sometimes is difficult... But it's also so rewarding!

So much to learn here, it has already improved my life in more ways that I can think!

Jordan Pierre | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Jordan Pierre
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I have been training traditional Kung Fu for several years with several very good teachers.

However I decided to give a try at the Kung Fu Connection with Sifu Roberto Baptista.

After I trained with him for awhile, I noticed, with great surprise, it had already changed my life in many ways.

And I also realized that it had changed my outlook on life...

I must say that I have developed more in a few months here at this Kung Fu school, than I have at other places in several years.

Please give it a try. The learning experience is truly priceless!

Shawn Ben-Amran | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Shawn Ben-Amran
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

Training at Kung Fu Connection has been an amazing experience...To say the absolute least!

I used to Wrestle in high school and I loved it. It was a great sport.

But I must admit that after I found Kung Fu Connection, I immediately fell in love with the Chinese art of Kung Fu and realized how deep the arts went. And really, how deep it could affect my life.

I swore that I would become a master of Kung Fu, even if it was the last thing I did!

My master, Sifu Baptista is helping me to achieve that dream.

I cannot thank them enough and I hope our lessons continue for a long time.

Ryan Shatzkamer | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Ryan Shatzkamer
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I started to practice Kung Fu a few months ago. Not only because I love this martial art, but also because I wanted to lose weight.

I don't like going to the gym, so this seemed like the most perfect situation for me. heh heh

As I practicing Kung Fu, I strengthening my body and my spirit!

Sifu Baptista is an experts and is always willing to guide you.

Great energy, passion, and personalized training!

Rossy Vera | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Rossy Vera
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

When I first started training martial arts with Sifu Baptista, I definitely did not think I could do Tai Chi or any kind of martial arts...

But can you believe I now I look forward to going to my classes!?!

I now feel much better physically. No more aches and pains that usually plague me daily.

And I am loving my classes!

Thank you Master Baptista and Medeiros for your patience and vision for me.

I can not thank you most more enough!!!

Grace | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

After many years as a martial artist, finding this martial arts school in Coral Springs has changed my game. And in a very big way.

I'm very happy and feel tremendous growth in my personal strength and self-defense abilities.

Where else can you study under a lifelong master?

High-Level knowledge and instruction!

Lucky to have found this school here in the way south Florida, of all places, where you'd never expect!

Fred | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I have been practicing Martial Arts for over 30 years and yet I cannot say enough about Kung Fu Connection!

The masters. The teachers. The students.

Their professionalism and dedication to teaching you the art of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu in the right way is encouraging, to say the least!

Kung Fu Connection, Thank you for the dedication you give to your students and to the very art itself!

Rick | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Student @ Kung Fu Connection

I'm not young, lean, or in shape.

But that does not really matter when practicing the Chinese soft arts of Tai Chi.

Where body, mind, soul and breath become as one.

I have been practicing Tai Chi since August of 2017, when the school first opened... And this is one of the things I would like to do for the rest of my life!

Sifu Roberto is very professional. He is thorough and patient. And he is positive and supportive.

He is truly a Master of the Chinese Martial Art they call Kung Fu.

Yonat Har-Nov | Kung Fu Student @ Kung Fu Connection | Coral Springs, Florida
Yonat Har-Nov
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